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Prayerful Scripture Reading

Prayerful Scripture Reading

By practicing the spiritual exercise of prayerful scripture reading, you are sharing in a long line of Jesus' followers who have been intent on living out the spiritual truths found in scripture.

The goal of this exercise is to help you to read the scriptures in a way that is not merely looking for historical facts.  When you focus on reading the biblical story as a form of prayer, you can hear God speak through his Word. Another name for this exercise is Lectio Divina.

Steps for Prayerful Scripture Reading

  1. Become centered by sitting quietly for a few minutes.
  2. Open your bible and read a selected passage no longer than 10 verses.
  3. Re-read the same passage slowly, and listen for words or phrases that jump out at you.
  4. Write these words down or underline them.
  5. Reflect on what God may be saying to you through these words.
  6. Ask God to show you how to bring what you read into your everyday life.
  7. Write down what you feel God saying to you.
  8. Respond to what you read by acting it out in your daily life.