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Prayer for Others

Prayer for Others

Prayer is one of life's greatest mysteries. Sometimes you may see immediate results from your prayers, and other times you won't see any results at all.  However, prayer does work.

When you pray for others, God has the chance to move in your heart and reveal what, if anything, you may need to do to help those in need.  Many times prayer is more action than it is words.

To help you pray for others, organize your prayers into categories of family, friends, and others.  Remember that Jesus said to also pray for our enemies.  It may be helpful to write down a list of names of people you want to pray for.  Write the date when you first begin to pray for someone, and if you see an answer to your prayer, write that date down too.

Each day read through your list of names and ask God to help each person on your list sense God's peaceful and healing presence in his or her life.  As time goes by, add names to your list.