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Presenting your gifts and talents for payment is part of your gift to give back to others as human beings. Your work environment is the place where you spend most of your waking hours and energy. Approaching your work as a spiritual exercise gives you the opportunity to reorient the tasks you enjoy and those you do not both as an offering of love to God. The reflections below can help you to examine your presence, service, and fruitfulness in your workplace.

Reflections About Work

The work you are given to do is to make the world a better place in which to live. How is the work I am doing making the world better?


Reflect on the quote "Our work is love made visible," by Kahil Gibran. How is love made visible through my work in the world? What needs to change so that my work is more fulfilling? Am I overextended at work?


Take time to pray for your co-workers, and be thankful for the gifts that each one brings to the workplace.


How can I offer my gifts and presence in meetings and on teams more mindfully? Jesus reminds us that we have all been given talents and that we have the potential to give ourselves wholeheartedly to whatever it is we must do.


How can I approach my work so that it is anticipated and full of fruitful action? How can I offer myself to God by intentional presence even in the most trivial of tasks?


Spiritual Exercises are a key way God works in our life; where we hear him. Various exercises are approriate for the seasons and rhythms of our life.