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Resting and Sabbath

Resting and Sabbath

The spiritual practice of resting for one full day out of every seven days can bring you great peace and remind you of God's unconditional love. It is an ancient practice that God gave as a gift to humankind.

Resting is important for your body, mind, and soul. Make a place in your home where you give yourself permission to rest your body in God's love, provision, and grace. Whether you sit, recline, or lie down, remember to intentionally relax each part of your body and reflect on all the things for which you are thankful. Try to nap if possible.

Mental rest is also important to recharge your creativity. As an example, the act of slowly preparing a meal can be a great gift in thanking God for the food you are preparing and then eating.

Soul rest is the combination of all of the above as you take time to remember that God is God, and that you have limitations that need to be honored. It is a wonderful combination of intention to worship, trust in God, and childlike presence in the moment. It is sometimes helpful to plan and prepare for your week at the end of your Sabbath rest.

Sabbath rest recharges your body, mind, and soul, and prepares you to face the outward expression of the remainder of your week.


Spiritual Exercises are a key way God works in our life; where we hear him. Various exercises are approriate for the seasons and rhythms of our life.