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Dreams and Call

Dreams and Call

Jesus invites you to see your life as having the potential to change the world through relationships of love and grace. He told the disciples, who were formerly fishermen, that they would be "fishers of men." As you grow on your journey inward, together, and outward, you will more fully see God’s unfolding call in all areas of your life. To remain open to hearing God’s call for your life, take time to reflect on these questions at least once a year.

What is Arising Within You That Is Awakening Your Heart and Mind?

Causes I care about - things that get my creative juices flowing:

Situations in the community or world that upset me or make my blood boil:

Things that make me sad, cry, or feel indignant:

Issues I always talk about with my friends:

What place of pain in your story is intersecting with some place of pain in the world?


What Are Your Emerging Strengths?

1. Things I am good at:

2. Things that give me energy:

3. Talents that I would be excited to use more:

4. My unique background or experience:


Spiritual Exercises are a key way God works in our life; where we hear him. Various exercises are approriate for the seasons and rhythms of our life.