Marilyn perry

Student and Family Ministry


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Marilyn Jean Perry

Student and Family Ministries Director

Marilyn Jean Perry is a devout, driven, and dynamic student of Life, Truth, and God! Born in Richmond, Virginia in a Catholic hospital, baptized in a Baptist church, and raised Episcopalian, she experienced a variety of faith traditions and practices throughout her childhood. No matter what denomination or place of worship Marilyn found herself in, it was clear from an early age that she deeply loved Jesus and his teachings.

After moving to Maryland at the age of 10, Marilyn spent several years singing and performing in a variety of choirs and ensembles in the US and internationally. While attending college at the University of Maryland-College Park, she was drawn to pursue a double Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Gender & Sexuality Studies, which led into a Master’s degree program at Kings College in London, England within the same fields.

Marilyn moved to Southern California in 2005 to begin her doctoral studies at the University of California-Riverside. Shortly thereafter, Marilyn discovered the Agape International Spiritual Center and began attending services regularly. She also enrolled in several Agape University classes, which transitioned into Practitioner Studies, and she received her license in Spiritual Counseling in 2014.

Shortly after her licensing, Marilyn started working at Agape in their pastoral care ministry. This experience in pastoral care combined with a continued dedication to activism and social justice matters ignited a call to ministry, and she began her studies at Agape's Michael Bernard Beckwith School of Ministry at the start of 2016.

At the start of 2017, Marilyn began to feel an increasingly strong inner prompting to return back to the East Coast. Through the great blessing of technology, she is continuing her Ministerial Studies program virtually. She is delighted to be able to step into the role of Student and Family Ministries Director at Crossroads and to be of support and encouragement to the outstanding students of Crossroads as they deepen and strengthen their ongoing relationship with the presence, grace, and love of God in all aspects of their lives.