September 1, 2016

The spiritual practice of fasting is to abstain from food for spiritual purposes.  Some biblical characters who fasted are:  King David, Esther the queen, Paul the apostle, Anna the prophetess, and of course Jesus in the desert for forty days.

 Fasting is not to be seen as an act of barter to "give up something" or to take something back.  It is a free gift that can bring balance to your life, helping you to slow down and focus on what is important.  It can also help you to feel more compassion for others who are hungry.

If you can, spend your fasting time in reflection or quiet reading.  Listen closely to what surfaces during these times, and record any insights that you have. 

Fruit and Vegetable Juice Fast
We recommend that you drink fruit or vegetable juice if you are fasting from a meal during a workday or are very busy at home.  Also drink plenty of water in between your fruit or vegetable drinks.

A 24-Hour Fast
Many have found that lunch from one day to lunch the next is a good time to try a 24-hour fast.  You may choose to drink water alone during this time or fruit/vegetable juice.  A light meal of fresh fruit or vegetables is a good way to break this fast.  Heavy food after a 24-hour fast can upset your stomach.   This fast involves missing two meals and requires drinking plenty of water.