Prayer of Examen

September 1, 2016

The Prayer of Examen is a spiritual exercise that will help you to examine your life to see how God has been present in each day and to see areas of your life that need more growth or healing. As you practice this spiritual exercise, it is important to remember that in the context of God's love, there is never any condemnation for your weaknesses. The questions below will help you to move through the process of examination. You don't need to answer every question every day, so see which ones speak to you the most and focus on those. If you choose to write your answers down in a journal, remember to date each entry. Questions to Ask About Your Day When did I feel I was cooperating most fully with God's presence in my life? When was I most resistant? What habits did I notice about myself today? When did I feel most alive today? When did I feel most drained? When did I feel alone today? When did I give love today? When did I receive love today? When did I feel most fully myself today? When did I feel least myself? What concerns do I have about my day? Where am I harboring resentment toward another person? Where am I struggling with temptation? How am I resisting God's direction for my life? Finish your time of examen by praying to God and asking him for direction and strength to move forward into a new day tomorrow.