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Crossroads Underground

5:15 PM - 6:00 PM

Crossroads Underground

Saturdays 5:15pm - 6:00pm

Nothing is hotter this summer than talk about health care. It's important to all of us, but equally important is our spiritual health care. This week we begin a three week series that will focus on
conditions we all experience at one time or another. Shame, fear and insecurity can be just as destructive as any physical conditions. God's grace, experiencing it, accepting it, sharing is the
prescription for all of these conditions.

Bring a friend and come in out of the heat this weekend to enjoy a time of renewal and thought provoking insight.


What to expect... 
The basic structure of our gatherings is very similar to a traditional church service. You can expect to sing, pray, read scripture, hear a relevant message, and take communion. What makes our services unique are the ways we innovate on these standard elements of worship. For instance, the welcoming prayer may take the form of a poem, spoke word piece, or sung liturgy. The "sermon" could be a facilitated conversation, where you get a chance to share a piece of your own story. We place a high on participation, but, no one will be pressured to contribute until and unless they feel comfortable doing so. Our desire is to create an atmosphere where we can connect with God, wrestle with our Christian faith, and learn from one another. 


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