Letting Go of Unforgiveness

January 12, 2014

"Don't be stingy with forgiveness; make it look like you've got a whole closet full to give away." ~ Bob Goff

Today's Scripture: Matthew 18:21-35

  1. What is the significance to me of the story Jesus told in Matthew 18:21-35? With which character(s) in the story do I most relate? Why?
  2. How has my struggle to forgive others affected the quality of my life? What do I need to receive from God in order to be able to forgive those who have hurt me?
  3. How, in my past, have I experienced blessing by being forgiven? How have I experienced blessing by forgiving someone else?
  4. What did I hear or experience today that was most impactful? What, if anything, am I feeling inspired to do as a result?


Daily Scripture Reading

Sunday - Matthew 18:21-35
Monday - Psalm 65:3
Tuesday - Colossians 3:12-13
Wednesday - Ephesians 4:31-32
Thursday - Colossians 3:14
Friday - 1 Peter 3:8
Saturday - Romans 12:21

Speaker: Jim Chandler