Leadership Matters: Following

September 23, 2012

A Daily Prayer: "Jesus, help me to see as you see and follow as you lead."

  1. Whose leadership has influenced me most? How, specifically, has that person impacted me?
  2. In what specific and practical ways does my being a follower of Jesus inform how I view and practice leadership?
  3. What are the real challenges and blessings I experience in seeking to follow Jesus in the marketplace and community?
  4. What am I being called to leave behind in order to follow Jesus more closely? How do I feel about that...really?


Daily Scripture Reading

Sunday - Matthew 20:25-28
Monday - Luke 5:1-11
Tuesday - John 10:11-13
Wednesday - John 13:34-35
Thursday - Matthew 23:11
Friday - Mark 9:33-35
Saturday - Luke 22:24-27