The Call: Unqualified

August 26, 2011

"All God needs is your "yes" and your participation. It is likely the hardest yes you will ever utter, because your years of habit will all shout "not possible," "not me," and "not worthy." - Richard Rohr


Reflection Questions:

  1. How am I intentional about "turning aside" from the busyness of my life to listen to God?
  2. What habits are most helpful to me in listening to God? What are the roadblocks to greater consistency in practicing these habits, and what am I prepared to do this week to begin to remove them?
  3. If I have been making excuses for not following where God is leading, is that in reality more about my desire (I don't want to) or my fear (I'm afraid I can't)? How does naming that make me feel, and what transformation am I asking God to bring about in me today?


Daily Scripture Reading

Sunday - Exodus 3:1-4
Monday - Psalm 143:8
Tuesday - Psalm 32:8
Wednesday - James 1:5-8
Thursday - James 3:13-17
Friday - Proverbs 2:2-5
Saturday - Matthew 16:24-27